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Jan 7, 2009
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Blog RSS May 27th Update

235 comments by LadyAijou on May 27th, 2015

There is a lot of news coming, so I'm going to bullet point these and then expand on it. We have been far from idle over the weekend, and this is what I can tell you today:

  • Tony was released from the hospital late Sunday, and while still having to confront ongoing serious health issues, he and I are working closely to move things forward. It is making things slower than we would like, but progress is being made.
  • Manual developer payments are resuming, and those manual payouts will continue throughout the process of getting automation in place
  • There will be a new forum and news page coming as soon as possible
  • Desura is not going out of business, we are not in financial crisis. We are moving forward and actively working toward partnerships and opportunities for growth.

I want to address several more things which I have seen repeated frequently that require clarification and to stop the spread of rumors. The rumors that we never paid developers (as in, since buying the site nobody has ever been paid), or that buying from Desura means developers will never see money, are false. Payments had slowed down, and there are past due accounts, but there has not been a time where no payments were going out. These issues are being addressed, but that is a far sight different from having "run off with developer money" or never being willing or able to pay out. The timeline on some of these accounts dates to before we acquired Desura, and this is where the situation became so complicated.

The second rumor, that we are going out of business, is also false. We are in fact exploring some very exciting new avenues in terms of partnerships and growth opportunities. The payout issues are not an indication that we don't have the funds to pay. Bringing in the changes to the payout system, as well as new contracts being lowered to a $250 threshold will both help prevent this from being a recurring problem in the future.

Many took my previous statement as "excuses", or as being the explanation for why payments were late. What I explained last week was the reason Tony was not here next to me answering developer emails and sending out those payments. Lack of automation is the heart of why the delayed payments arose, as is the very complicated accounting situation due to the acquisition. Additionally, contracts have always had a $500 minimum payout threshold, and when an account does not reach that limit, it does not trigger for payment. This has caused some accounts to go significant lengths of time without being paid. When I said Tony's hospitalization and our moving offices compounded things, I meant that in the literal sense, it further threw wrenches into an already existing situation.

I have been contacted by several developers concerned that we were going to focus on automation and that they would not be paid out till that happened. This is not the case. Manual payments will be ongoing through the entire process, and past due accounts will be brought current. We do not plan to let anyone fall through the cracks. So far, the accounts that have been reviewed as never having been paid, have not met the minimum requirement for the payout on the old contract, and thus never triggered as an account to be paid. I want to let developers know, if you are in that situation, where you have not met the threshold and it doesn't seem like sales will get that far, you can request an early payout. This is not us "pocketing your money." This is simply the way the old contracts were set up and agreed to by both parties.

Getting into solutions, those are already being talked about. I have a number of options pinpointed, and will be meeting with Tony on which would be the best fit for us to get our systems automated. His diagnosis was a serious one, so his ongoing illness is making forward motion slow, but we are making progress. Preventing any further backlog from being possible is definitely the focus. Communication is also key and is my personal task. To that end, I am rolling out a new forum and news page to regularly update the community and our developers on what is going on behind the scenes. My presence allows for that on a more consistent basis than was possible previous to this. Our team will be implementing those changes as a starting point, from which we can build further.

We cannot undo what happened previously, but we can correct it, and again, we apologize that this situation ever reached this point. I want to thank the many developers who have reached out, both to help get their accounts settled, and to offer words of support and their thoughts for Tony. Our vision is very clear, and Desura 2.0 is going to be a reality. I have given our dev team the wishlist from developers and players both, and the list of features going into it is both impressive and comprehensive. In short, we have heard all of the feedback on the ways in which improvement is needed, and those pleas are being answered.

Lisa Morrison
Head of Developer Relations, Bad Juju, Inc.

Regarding the Payment Concerns of Our Developers

64 comments by LadyAijou on May 21st, 2015

This morning, we have been working hard to address the concerns and fears surrounding delayed payments on Desura. We want to reach out and let everyone know that those experiencing payment issues ARE being heard. First and foremost we want to apologize that this has happened at all, one dev experiencing this is one too many. The issues have stemmed from a number of factors coming together in a bad way. The acquisition of the company last year has presented us with a number of very difficult issues to tackle, and we have been clearing those hurdles as efficiently as we are able. This has been compounded by the office being relocated, and by the current hospitalization of our CEO.

For those who want to talk to us directly, there are a number of ways to make contact:

IRC: #Desura
Email:, or
Twitter: @Desura, @LadyAijou

We do need to ask patience on the part of the press for inquiries to us about these issues. Tony has been in contact from the hospital to say that he has been admitted, and his health is a pressing concern and top priority to us. Please send those inquiries to and I will personally help arrange interviews and statements from Tony.

For Developers being effected:

We are not refusing to pay you, this is a promise. There are delays, and issues which need work to correct, but we will absolutely be paying all accounts due. If you have not reached out about your issue, please email one of the above addresses, and you WILL get a reply from me personally. You do matter, and we are taking this very seriously

I hope that this will help to allay some of the fear and anger surrounding this. I do understand the frustration, and we are already working on changes. The entire site and client are being completely redone, to give developers far more control. I hope that our devs will work with us on the solutions, and will please bear with us a little while longer as we implement the changes that are needed.

Lisa Morrison
Head of Developer Relations, Bad Juju, Inc

Update: 5/22/15:

It has been brought to my attention by a number of developers that my wording was not very clear in the above post regarding Tony's hospitalization. It was never intended to say that that was the reason for the back payments, it was to let the press as well as our developers know that Tony is absent and this is why he is not here talking to everyone himself. While his absence has, as I said above, compounded things over the last week or so, it was and is the lack of automated payment systems which created this bottleneck, and that is where our focus is currently. We do have to await his return before moving forward with implementing solutions, but we are doing our best to continue to stay in communication with everyone.

While it was not unexpected that some would feel compelled to pull their titles from Desura, we hope that developers will work with us, and I want to personally thank everyone who has reached out with words of support and well wishes for Tony's health, as well as for the company in general as we handle this difficult situation. With your patience and support, we can continue to work on resolution, and fixing the problems.

Freedom Friday for March 27, 2015

3 comments by jeffjirsa on Mar 27th, 2015

Freedom Friday is here again! Check four free games released this last week:

Released earlier this week,Typefighters for Windows, Linux, and OSX. Battle a friend to see if your typing skills come out on top..

Next up was Colina 1.5 for Windows, a puzzle solver set in a creepy cottage. 

Typefighters Colina

The third free game released this week was Crumple for Windows, where you'll play a sheet of paper trying to escape a burning paper factory.

Last on the list this week is Bean Farmer Pinball, a throwback Pinball game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. 

Crumple Bean Farmer Pinball

Check back again next week for more Freedom Friday games

Freedom Friday for February 27, 2015

6 comments by JJones_BJJG on Feb 27th, 2015

Freedom Friday is here again! Check four free games released this last week:

Released earlier this week, Egg in the Air! for Windows. Your egg is going to crash! Drive your egg to the nest before it crashes. Just click and drag your bird to prevent the egg from breaking.

Next up was Mathoria: It All Adds Up for Windows. Mathoria: It All Adds Up aims to help young schoolchildren practice their addition skills while going on a fun role-playing ride throughout the Island of Additio. Older players can enjoy its RPG elements as well.

Egg in the Air! Mathoria: It All Adds Up

The third free game released this week was Bloom for Windows and Mac. Bloom is an exploring and collecting adventure game with several different environments and an array of colorful characters. Play as James, a boy who has a way with plants. James and his sister Jasmin act as the guardians of the vast world of Arlon. When Jasmin is kidnapped by Salty, the king of the foxes, James sets out to save her.

Last on the list this week is Owari for Windows. Owari (also known as oware, awari, awale, among other names) is a variant of Mancala where players strategically attempt to capture stones from their opponent's row by alternating turns.

Bloom Owari

Check back again next week for more Freedom Friday games

Freedom Friday for February 20, 2015

4 comments by JJones_BJJG on Feb 19th, 2015

Another Freedom Friday is upon us with four free games:

First game this week is A Date in the Park for Windows. You are Lou. You've recently moved to Lisbon, in Portugal, to take up a new job and start a new life. Within days of arrival, you meet an enchanting woman, Catarina, at a bar on a night out. After a few hours of getting along swimmingly, you agree to meet her the next day in her favourite park.

Next up is Return of Red Hood for Windows and Linux. Here you will find thrills, comedy and even melodrama with extraordinary variations of the story line. Make your choice and create a new story about Red Hood.

A date in the park Return of Red Hood

Third up is M.I.N.E for Windows. M.I.N.E is an open-source colonization processes control system. Build bases, dig resources, engage in trade, examine artifacts, protect from pirates and attack them in both single and multiplayer.

Last on the list is AirMech for Windows. AirMech is a revolutionary action-strategy game that puts you in the battle as a giant transforming robot!

MINE Airmech

Check back again next week for more Freedom Friday games

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