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Over 2 Million Gamers Served Monthly

Release your game, game collection and/or downloadable content (DLC) on Desura and you instantly have access to nearly 2 Million unique gaming visitors (and growing fast) that come to Desura each month. Our goal is to provide the latest Indie game content, a robust digital download platform, and the premier destination for our community of gamers to connect with games and game developers.

At Desura, we do the heavy lifting and marketing to drive massive gamer centric visitor and industry traffic, while our Developers are left to focus on what they really love to do -- Make Great Games! We enable you to reach a much wider audience of gamers, thus offering the best opportunity for you to increase sales, track sales trends in real-time and connect/respond directly to your fans and followers. At Desura, you are just one step closer to your customer base and allows you to track and respond to sale trends and customers in realtime via the many features Desura provides.

Content Control

Desura is an open site, you control the content shown in all game, mod, engine, company and group profiles you manage (which are listed below). We encourage you to share images, videos, news, events and other content frequently for maximum exposure throughout Desura and to your followers. Starting a dialog with the community through regular updates and behind-the-scenes insight is a powerful and free tool available to you to promote your content and grow your fan base.

Sales Control

Control your games price and when it is available on a per-region basis. Offer those who pre-order a discount to maximize your sales from day one. Post-release promotions and incentives can be setup and run to ensure a strong sales lifecycle. Opportunities available include:

  • Benefit from in-house patches and updates by running sales when downloadable content and new features are released
  • Run free weekends and demos to give people a taste and opportunity to purchase your game
  • Package up collections of games and offer at a discounted price
  • Sales to mark anniversaries and milestones

Want all of your customers to be able to use Desura to update their game no matter where they purchased (retail, direct, other digital distribution)? Add their serial number to Desura or give them an activation key and your game will be added to their collection.

Pre-Release Promotion

You can add your game, mod or downloadable content to Desura at any stage during its development and immediately begin building a fan base. Only content near release will be shown on Desura and available to pre-order.

Realtime Reporting

View live sales data the moment your game is available to pre-order. Analyze the data by region and date, so you can respond to trends and make informed marketing decisions when and where they need to be made.

See the immediate response to discounts, news, videos, images and other events run to determine which promotions are the most effective at driving interest and consequent sales. Compare your visitor and video view counts with sales data to determine your conversion rate on Desura, and tweak the information you present to maximize sales.


Game developers, does your title support user-made mods? Using Desura, you can provide this content to your customers, greatly increasing your games replayability, lifecycle and sales. Desura makes digital distribution easy and opens the door to new business opportunities that benefit you, 3rd party developers and your customers. Contact us if you are interested in integrating Desura digital distribution into your game.

Mod developers, are you developing for a game supported by Desura? If yes you can publish it on Desura, otherwise we recommend you contact us about supporting the game your content is built for.

Auto Patching

Using Desura, you can update the game your customers are playing at any time and be confident they are all running the latest version. With the instant availability of enhancements and patches, you can address support issues immediately and continually roll out new features leaving pirates in the dust with their old unsupported versions.

Reward your customers by reacting to their feedback in realtime, and provide a great gameplay experience.


The idea behind alphafunding is simple, fans get instant access to their favorite games with the understanding that the game might be buggy and isn't complete - but frequent updates will add polish over time. The developers can then fund the games continued creation, giving supporters early access to the latest and greatest content.

It is essentially crowdfunding (like Kickstarter, Indie Go Go, GamesPlant or 8 bit funding) only with instant rewards for players and developers filling the void between the idea and the pre-order / release phase. Digital distribution is an amazing medium for getting access to content early, so while alphafunding isn't for every game, why wait till release to fund your game, when you have fans wanting to support you every step of the way? It is a model which has worked extremely well for Minecraft, Overgrowth, Natural Selection 2 and others, who have benefited from their fans support from the very beginning. Head to our announcement post for more information.


Is your game on Steam, GOG, Origin, or other stores? You can create categories then upload keys for those stores here, so when your customers buy your game on Desura, they can redeem it there as well. Vice-versa also applies - you can create categories and add keys from other stores to them so your other customers can activate a copy of your game on Desura. You can also create categories of keys for other purposes. For example, you may wish to send keys to the press, use in competitions, testers, etc.

Beta Testing

Using Desura, your customers can opt into a secure beta testing program. You can then give as few or many participants as you want (your choice) early access to your release and updates, so you can seek feedback from real gamers across the globe with different hardware.

Ship a better product from day one, by tapping into the wisdom of many.

Customizable Widget

Try our new embeddable widget, and all purchases made through it earn you more via our referal bonus system. You can fully customize the look of your widgets to match any theme. Checkout out a fully functioning example below.

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Ready to get started? Contact us and we will help you connect your game with a new audience.

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